Friday, March 13, 2009

Inspired by Susan

Susan blogging so often has inspired me to blog too
I look like a complete train wreck right now so no video blog for me,
but it WOULD be nice to daily update this thing, even if it's just a sentence like,

"I have almost eaten all the cheese in this household and it makes me happy."

Okay so before I go on,
I have to explain that I haven't slept for about...30 hours or so.

I don't know about you but when I am working on art projects late late into the night, early morning I talk incessantly to myself, as if I was my own friend or something. But somehow it just keeps you going, doesn't it Lisa? Yes yes it does.

I bought the new Barbie lip gloss by cake and it smells and tastes SO DELICIOUS.

I am back moved in!!! Yay for closeness to church and school!! (well not so much school but...yah).

Disconnected thoughts...

Three of the five cameras I own are staring at me right now, like they're saying "you haven't used me for so long, you hate me you hate me!!"

I need a new amazing hand cream.

I saw a really cute korean guy at eatons centre today. Like actually good looking, you know how some korean guys seem like they're good looking because they have nice style but once you do a second glance you're like, 'oH..oh oh no no no." Yah, this one was more like "Meh...oh wait...oh WAIT yes yes yes" ...But he was with a chirpy korean fobster girl so I didn't ask him for his number...( I would actually do that by myself...I feel drunk right now cause I'm so tired...)

Sound of music was amazinggggg last week. Although I kind of didn't like the girl who played how am I forgetting her name. dot tumbleweed

So at eatons centre I went into Zara's today and OH MY GOSH. All the new spring outfits and dresses are SO PRETTY. I WANT but I POOR. So I walked out..only to be made breathless by this mannequin from Club Monaco. K I don't remember exactly what it was wearing, but it was one of those outfits that you only come by once every ten years with the reaction of, "If I had to wear the same outfit every day, like if I were to be made into a cartoon character on the Simpsons to wear every day, I would wear this outfit" sort of thing. I am majorly in shopping withdrawal, I bought 3 articles of clothing since Korea...I think that's pretty good non?

I'm lame because I have no pictures.


sun.ah said...

please blog more when sleep-deprived.
i've been really tired too these days... i wake up, go to the gym, go to class during the day, and then tutor maybe in evening.. stop by home... come back to school and have been studying late into the night as well for midterms. and papers. and presentation. SIGH.
i can see the light at the end of the tunnel, tho!
hahahaha... does the cake lip balm smell like barbie? LOL that sentence looked so backward i decided i must comment on it. i feel like it would just taste like plastic haha!

i'm so interested to see what you will give me on sunday! lol i'm glad you didnt get one of the things i suggested, cuz now its a surprise! i can't wait to see you!
and i must go write a paper.. i hope you've gotten some sleep by now.

racheek said...

LISA! i havent been to your blog in so long..
i am sleep deprived too. heheh

for hte first time!!
and i saw your post below saying how you wish you could come
and i say
you should.
just go for it.
you know you want to
i think you want some new clothes too. hehehe

Susan Park said...

"Inspired by Susan" hehe.

Go to sleep young ladyyy :P
Seriously, you must be so tired.

Post a video soon hehe... it's not the same. I want to see all your mannerisms that I'm so used to :D

Anyways, keep posting!