Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm a lazy donkey.

Have you ever been so lazy that you were so sick of yourself that you needed to ignore the fact that you were so lazy that instead of getting busy, decided to stuff yourself with food and watch random things on youtube till the guilty feelings went away?

Okay well that is me these days.
I always love Sundays, not only because of church. (Am I nerd for liking church?)
BUT because it means that tomorrow is Monday!
Which means that I can have this ill-disguised notion that I have a fresh new start of my life with Monday because it's the start of a new week!
I will try to hold true this time..-_-

My mom is going to Korea tonight and she's staying there for a month. I'm so sad. I don't want her to leave, she's my human security blanket in a way.

I decided that I'm going to step up and serve at church. I've been meaning to for a while now since I've been back from Korea, but I guess I never really took the time to talk to Pastor Young about it. WELL I suppose I shall ask God where I should serve...

Three things are coming in the mail this week!
1. My books I ordered from Amazon weeks ago. I love fresh new books. I've loved them ever since elementary school when the Scholastic book orders would magically arrive and the teacher would place our new books on our desks so that we would find them after recess. It was like Christmas but better!!
2. This vintage old medium format camera I bought on Ebay. I already have a Diana F+, I have no idea why I bid on this item. I was hoping that someone would outbid me because I only bid $8 for it, but no one did.
3. My brand new DSLR!!!!! YES I finally bought one, it was kind of an impulse buy. Ildo recently bought one and I got jealous and decided to buy one too. I'm such a loser but I don't care cause I finally have one!!! It's a Canon XS...yes I wanted the XSi but this one was on sale so...YAY!

I'm going to London this week!!
Someone better give me a HUGE chunk of their time cause I haven't caught up with them in ages *COUGHCOUGH* I don't care if they are studying, I will just sit beside them as they study while I breathe down their neck till they finally agree to chill with me...HAHAHA

I should give a skincare update and product review soon because I've been using so many products lately that it should be a nice thing to share the knowledge.

Anyways till next time!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Camera Date.

I haven't updated in so long!
So I decided to upload a video update.