Friday, June 26, 2009

Oh the joy!

I met up with Karan and Matthew today to venture off for some adventures in dt. We ended up doing a lot of artsy fartsy stuff (how cliche of us art students to do...). First thing was The Power Plant gallery. I laughed so hard while we were there. A lot of contemporary art these days can be really confusing. You can take it in one way or the other but it only really does seem to make sense (or sometimes not even) after you read the little artist blurb about the piece on the side. Video art installations were set up in these little rooms and when first walking in, it can be a little terrifying. The darkness. The random videos of people doing repetitive motions. A huge glowing globe in the middle of a pitch black room. Karan was actually scared to go in, I thought it was so cute.

I thought it was equally funny when he asked this question in all seriousness, "Wait so question, does Jesus want people to be straight?" Hopefully my answer was sufficient enough, sometimes things can get a little complex explaining 'Christian ideas' to non-Christians but I think the more one tries to go about it, the easier it is.

This verse comes to mind
"But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,"
1 Peter 3:15

We went to The Distillery District after. I LOVE this place. It was surprisingly my first time visiting there and I must venture there once again. It's such a romantic and lovely place to be in. I especially loved the cobblestones, and random wedded couple taking pictures. *girly sigh*. We went to a place called, "SOMA". It is a chocolate haven of amazingness galore. My friend recommended trying the 'Mayan Hot Chocolate' and it was amazing. The cool thing about it was how it was SPICY. Just like the hot chocolate in 'Chocolat'. *super cool thumbs up*.

Afterwards I was seemingly able to convince Karan and Matthew to buy sketchbooks and begin the practice of sketchboooking with me. (I feel so alone when I'm with them in my ventures with this 'art practice'). They agreed!! So we went to AboveGround and bought some supplies. I love that place. I also love how I finally bought a mini pocket watercolour set. It is SO CUTE! I also bought a Letraset=Tria water pen brush thing! You fill the pen with water so you don't need to bring water with you on outings.

Here's a pic

I really have to stop buying things. Especially since I have no money like all the time. If I'm to buy anything next (like a worthy purchase of some sorts), I think I would like to invest in a softball glove. I feel bad having to borrow Carmen's glove every time we have practice or games. I can't believe I actually think softball is fun. I originally just started cause I wanted to have more fellowship but seriously thumbs up to you Mr. Softball on your fun factor.

Tomorrow is volunteering at YSM day. Haven't volunteered in so so long. I should start up again. MmHm.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Rentals

It's my week off and I decided to go home home for a few days. I forgot how awesome being home is. Moreover how awesome it is to eat good Korean food that is readily available all the time.

Seeing my parents has been good too. I usually see them once a week or every other week at least, but I guess I can't get enough of them! (Har..har har). To be honest, I am aware of how different and changing my relationship to my parents has been the past few years. It does keep getting better and better strangely enough. I used to think that 'Old korean ahjumahs and ahjuhshees don't change or grow spiritually' but now I don't think so. I see my mom growing in her faith, and I see my dad in his efforts to love me and my brother. I see both of them loving each other and trying to understand life together and I think it's really beautiful. The problem has always been me I think. The way I perceive them and treat them. I'm learning to treat them with respect always, trying to honor them with the actions I place in my life. My mom is my sister in Christ and my dad is my brother in Christ. But it's not always easy, especially if you live treating people in habitual ways.

Overall it's been interesting. I quizzed my mom yesterday with the love languages quiz and was interested to see her answers. It's easier to receive love from someone when you know how they love. And vice versa, it's easier to know how to love them too.

There's this book called, "Lady in Waiting" and it had some tips on what to look for in a husband. I remember one of them was to look for someone who strives to make good their relationships with everyone in their life. Especially their friends and their family. When I had read that, I thought that was a great thing to look for but I realized that I lacked so much in that area. I hope I'm better off now than I was then. It's foolish to hope to find someone with characteristics that you don't seek to find in yourself. But ya more on that point, I think if you meet a guy who treats you really well but doesn't maintain good relationships with his family and's probably a danger sign. Eventually you'll be treated how that person usually treats people in the future.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Woke up Calm.

I just majorly slept in right now, woke up past noon. I kept hitting the snooze button because I really liked the dreams I was having. I don't remember what they were except I was travelling in a group, and that group of people were definitely Joyful people. I hope this is what will actually happen in the future!

Anyways, I woke up calm and collected...and slightly happy. It's been a while since I've woken up like that. I finished reading 'Traveling Light' by Max Lucado yesterday and it was really encouraging for me. I had forgotten these truths, and when you believe with faith that they are truth, it is truly awesome and life-bringing.

I can't quite explain what's been going on intimately with me and God these days but it's been really great. Great amidst all the confusion and discouragement. Great because human situations do not faze the character of who God is in my life. To stretch ones heart muscle to be open to God's grace every moment is a hard thing to do, but like exercise it gets easier.

Talking about exercise! I've been trying to be more active. I figure I hate working out but I do like people and so I'm trying to do more 'sports'. It's quite crazy of me I know, but I think it's fun. So I decided to join our church's softball team. I'm trying to find people to play tennis with me. I'm going to a golf course finally next week, and I'm going to hike with Carmen this friday! Exercising has made me realize how sad and pathetic I am physically. All these things I've learned in health sciences, may they come to being this year!

On another note, my boy fast has been quite good too. (Alcohol fast is going well too). It's interesting how other people in my life seem to be more concerned for my single state than I am. I probably have put this upon myself with my time to time complaining of how 'I can't picture myself with anybody'. But it's hard because I truly feel I am changing inside but bringing that up to people is hard. People doubt change in other peoples' hearts until they see results in action. Yet my heart being changed in this matter is kind of hard to show. I am beginning to trust God a little more each day and be more satisfied in him. I hope my time being spent on myself will be transferred more to other peoples' lives through all of this.

I just remembered I got asked out yesterday by this Brazilian dude at school. I think he just wants to be friends but I'm gonna bring out Karan (who has never had korean food before) to come with us to Korea-town. We all met together at the same time anyway~ Okay, I think I'm going to go out now & sketch or something.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Journal Frenzy

Drawing of all the journals I am currently using. It's madness.

Being in art stores is like being in chapters for me except worse. I want to buy everything but I am limited by how much my wallet every day. I slipped today and bought a new journal/sketchbook when I really don't need one at all! ("But the paper is so thick and wonderful" the evil Lisa says).

Should I return it? It cost me like...18 dollars. *eep*

And Oh lordy, I smell french fries and bbq outside. I am jealous extreme! I am stuck home today doing my projects due next week. Turned down the beach, going to the golf range, and playing tennis/chilling with Joyful girls for this STUPIDNESS!! Okay it's not quite stupid but I is sad. :(

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Centered Process

So my fast is going well. (Except for a lapse in action on the boy part a few days all is well now, thanks ashley. hahaha)

Choices, we have so many choices and options in life. Sometimes I think it's exciting, till you have to go through with your decisions. I'm a strange decision-maker. There are times when I just do it and deal with the consequences/blessings after. Other times I'm very cautious, taking months and months to decide one thing. Looks to be the latter Lisa this time.

Chop Chop Choppy Writing.

With the church office in my basement, I have realized how much of an introvert I really am. I love being with people, I really do but I need to have my alone time. I become really grouchy and mean, tired and just not a great person altogether when I don't get it. I love riding the subway alone, just being in my room alone, or walking alone too. Of course I need people after this kind of time, but ya alone does good for me. (Maybe not too much alone?)

I love Wednesdays. It's probably because it's one of my days off from school. Tomorrow I think I'm going to have a Reflection/Artsy day. Sketching, reading, and maybe visiting a new art gallery I've never gone to before. I was supposed to play tennis with a friend but not sure if that will happen. Hopefully it will!! I want to start being more active, I'm such a three-toed sloth.

Ashley came by last weekend and I loved every moment! Even though we didn't get to do anything quite exciting, it was lovely just spending time with an old friend. I'm so glad we prayed together and I hope both of us find our answers to our life questions!

Oh yes there is one situation in my life that is really annoying me. After talking with a friend about it, I told him I would pray about the situation and tell him what I felt like God was pressing on my heart to do. I do seek obedience in my life, but I think I already know what I need and want in my life right now, at least to the extent of my intuition. I hate being forced into things...I wish I could explain in more detail but I'm afraid...someone will read this, hahaha.

This week is going to be a little busy, and then one more week...and then 10 days of freedom!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

B&D Fast.

Breakfast & Dessert Fast.

Just kidding.

So it's June 1st!
And I've been contemplating why my life is kinda dry and stuff these days.
I realized yesterday that I have not been taking any meaningful steps to reach out my hands to God, I have been placing limits. SO, ya yesterday Pastor Young's sermon was about substance abuse and things like that. I felt compelled to go on a fast.

So here is to 30 days of no boys and drink.
A.k.A. guys & alcohol. I know some of you are thinking 'lisa has no guys...she is really digging the well deep into truly becoming a cat lady'. Yes it is true, however I know what I need in my life right now, and part of me is thinking to stop this nonsense but I know what I least the wise Lisa in me does.

And not that I'm an alcoholic but I have been drinking more often. And it's not like I'm a drunkard but I just don't feel like it improves the state of my life at all. So here's my love fast to God~ I want you to be number one again.

*somebody please keep me accountable. thanks.