Thursday, November 20, 2008

A mild case of craziness

Okay so this isn't an important topic or whatnot,
but I think I have a slight case of trypophobia.

Basically it is a phobia where one is afraid or discomforted by holes that are in clusters. This kind of sounds confusing but here are a few examples I found from another website:


I don't know what it is, but it slightly freaks me out. For some people it makes them feel sick to their stomach. I'm glad that I'm not of that case but still man, it's not pleasant to look at right?

On another note,

I recently bought a new blush.
I've been using NARS "Orgasm" for a while, and it is a nice blush, but I wanted something slightly different. (Not totally different, cause I still like those pinky colours)
So I bought the Diorshow Powder in "Catwalk Pink".
It's in this really cute case and it's really really nice. It looks really natural.
Totally recommend it!

AND on another note,
I've decided to step up and try out the position of Missions Director at my church. They basically look over the ministry of evangelizing and missions. BUT just to see whether this is where God wants me to be, I'm going to help out with Operation Joy. It is the second project from Operation Kindness that Taein through the B.A.S.I.C. group is hosting. It's very similar to Operation Christmas Child, but instead of making a shoebox filled with gifts for one child, it's making an entire family package of presents for one family. So it's kind of like 'adopting a family'.

First thing first is that I have to figure out how to fundraise money to buy the gifts that we as a church will decide on. I don't have too much fundraising experience but I do have some ideas. I will have to pray about it more. Nevertheless I am excited! I think I feel most alive in my faith when I am actively serving, so praise God!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I love unnies.

Ah Here's a nice picture update!

Last week I got to play with Grace, Esther, Deborah, and Ji!
It was such a well executed night of fun.
I hope we get to do it again!

The night started off with devouring a craving that some of us had: JJAM JJA MYUN! The best creation since the creation of jja jja myun and jjam bbong individually.

And THEN we decided to hit up the nrb, HOW I missed it (from Korea days). If I ever got one for Christmas I would never find a job because I would just stay home and sing for hours on end. (Oh wait I already do that). Anyways! Here is JI singing like an ANGEL!

And here is Esther, Grace, and Deborah who all took part! YES even Grace!!

And of course ms. Esther singing!! She sang the infamous 'Ken Lee', it was too great.

Then we decided to go to Soban for some yummy treats. I didn't know that their waffles would be half decent!

...for some reason the picture I took of Ji and the waffle is NOT working. bummer. and why are these pictures so small! oh well next time!

All in all it was a great night with some God-loving women. I hope we do movie night sometime and I hope at that movie night I can make someone play Hotel 626 with me! It's an online game that is apparently really scary and I'm too much of a wuss to play it by myself.

PS. Those cosmetic products+different types of boys+possible drastic hair colour change blogs are coming up so very soon...

Friday, November 7, 2008

A tipsy post

Ah, I love the thoughts I have when I am tipsy.
I just came back from a birthday party and the alcohol is almost all worn off.
That with a mix of tiredness seemed like the perfect mindset for me to update my blog.

(No I did not take this picture. Ildo or Joel did. Either way I wish I did).

Anyways, a statement I claim: There's a difference between drawing within the lines being chained than drawing within the lines with no chains.

It seems like an obvious thing for many people but for myself it is difficult for me to fully realize in my own life.

A question: do our own constructs keep us captive our entire lives? and are we all in denial? For some reason, I have this deep belief that we are all in denial all the time. Here are some other beliefs that I have that I often don't openly say:

- We are always in a constant state of awareness of those around us and how loved they project to be
- We are...yes all in denial always, of something.
- We unconsciously wake up in the morning and ask our inner selves, "so, what mask should I put on today?" I think I can count on one hand how many people I know that don't seem to ask this question (well in my narrow...blind eyes).
- Our walls protecting our heart are thicker than we think.

HAHA I seem so critical and judgmental right now. I guess I am that kind of person. For me there is a fine line between being judgmental and perceptive. Anyways I find people interesting. Like really really interesting. Even people that I have known for a long time. 'Why did they do that?' 'Why do they say this or that?' 'Why are they looking at whatsover like that'? I always come to a conclusion in my head no matter whether it is right or wrong. I guess for me, I need to have some sort of answers, whether they be correct or not for me to have some peace of mind. I am waiting for the day when I meet that one person where I don't have the answers so easily. Then again now that I think about it, the answers have not always come so easily. People are so deep and profound and I love that.

I wish I did a blog right now about all the different types of guys I have ever been somewhat 'involved' with. I have categories and intricate criticisms. Funny ones I think! I will one day when I have enough energy. Right now I'm so tired!