Thursday, July 5, 2007

Deep Desire

I don't want to be binded by these walls of social structure.
I don't want to fear what would happen to me if today I just got up and left.
I want to believe that my God is bigger than all of this.
I just want to breathe the air that is outside and not in.
I want to touch long grasses of life itself.
I want the realness of it all. I want freedom, from myself and from others.
I want to pop all these bubbles that I have kept myself in.
I want to read my Bible till the pages fall out.
I want to seek and seek and seek.
I want to travel and step on ground that no one has ever stepped on before.
I never want to forget.
I never want to let go.
I never want it to die down.
I never want a normal life.
Because we only get one chance.
And this minute that has just passed away will never ever ever come back to me again.
Life is real. And death is equally as real.
What kind of life will I lead?
Will be I bind myself in or loose myself out?
All is reflected in eternity and I don't want to lose any second of my time here.
So things that mattered to me before, don't matter to me now.
I don't need a job to have security.
For Jesus is my secure rock in life.
Money doesn't matter but money gives power.
Speak for those who have no voice.
And care for those who have no one to care for them.
Jesus is them, the least of them are You.
Singing and dancing all the way long.
Let me live.
Let me LIVE.