Friday, February 20, 2009

I miss studying.

Don't get me wrong, I love art school! It's just I haven't studied anything for so long that I kind of miss it. Especially anatomy. I miss studying it the night before and then going into exams and knowing the answers, even if it is only for the one hour after I read the material. (I don't remember anything from university anymore. Like nothing. What's chlorophyll again? Omg).

Anyways I wish I updated this more. DAH.

So I'm taking a photography class and our second assignment is fun stuff. It's about taking shots of the city, and although the weather sucks these days, I think I'll be able to find some good places to shoot if I rummage around dt. Does anybody know anywhere to go? The only place I can think of is china town. Like the literal plan in my head right now is to go to china town, take a picture of a bunch of exotic fruit and then I'll probably just stand there for 20 minutes not knowing what to do next.

I took this pic cause when I...I...I don't know, there must be a word for people who like to take pictures of things that they shouldn't take pictures of but like to but know it's sort of stereotypical yet not but at the same time cool but not really cool too.

Random stoplight.

There are a whole lot of things I wish right now too:

- I wish I had self-discipline in every area of my life. Especially physically. Last week I downloaded a 30-minute work out video in hopes to exercise, but I ended up watching the whole thing lying on my bed eating massive amounts of dduk.
- I wish I had a new macbook pro. OH my gosh I wish this badly. As I'm taking more pictures with my new camera, and learning how to do things with adobe programs, I'm realizing how slow my comp is and it makes me angerrr angerr.
- I wish my brother would talk to me again...
- I wish I knew exactly what I was doing with my life. I feel like every time I get a sense of direction, God only shows me the little bit that I need to press on the next few months. (Maybe he's trying to teach me something *nudge nudge* Reliance on God and not self persay? *nudge nudge*)
- I wish I could express to people how I feel and what I think in considerate and mature ways
- I wish I was going to Korea this summer!!! If Ashley ends up going and Susan and Ashley end up playing together in Korea, I'm gonna be saddened.

Tomorrow is KCF Vball tournament!! I hope to go and cheer for old Westerners!


eunzi kim said...

hahahah homg lisa~~~ when i was in paris, i took pictures of bums ALL THE TIME!!! and interesting looking ppl... and interesting buildings....
i think my favorite subjects are interesting buildings/doors/windows (with cool texture) and bums. it's weird, but it's so inspiring at the same time!!! love it!! =DDDD

Anonymous said...

hey. so i have pretty eyes eh? stop hitting on me! haha jk.

sun.ah said...

it's per se
i'm glad you're having a good time, i hope you accomplished lots of work during your reading week.. and if you want studying, you can always take a couple of my exams for me. if you start studying now you could probably pass one of my finals!

and how long did it take for tpr to get back to you after you submitted your applicatioN? do u remember?

remember to remember me on sun mar 15.. im not sure what we can do but i very much would like to see your face kk? i'll fill u in on details once there are details to fill u in on.

j said...

ahhh carbs =P. i gave up breads and pasta mostly...although i havent eaten much rice or any other carby thing because i feel like...even though i said 'breads and pasta'..i feel like eating those things is cheating +_+. gahhhhhhhh....poop.
hows art school??