Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hello crappy week! How are you? Great! Me too!

I just did a video blog and I realized that I uploaded the wrong video AND the wrong html..blah. This continues my week of crap.

However!!!!! What I wanted to express in this video was that ya, little things are going wrong everywhere this week. But in the end, like at the end of day, I'm okay. Like what I mean by that is God is still with me ALWAYS. He is good and I am starting to believe more and more in his character, no matter what 'crappy' circumstances I end up being in. So I'm going to keep choosing God! Choosing to worship him!


So I'm this close to getting a blackberry.
And NO I'm not getting a "sexy" Bold or New curve (8900), I'm just getting the old curve! I think it's still quite cute, and I've been looking for some replacement housing for it online, I'm thinking either white or bright yellow would look quite snazzy. Tehehe.

Actually I'm glad that the video didn't post.
BECAUSE I mentioned something in the end of it that I don't want to mention...anymore. TEHE. It had to do with a boy, not that there is a boy! But yes I'm a loser. AHHH I can't believe the summer is almost here. And I can't believe I'm going to be doing full-time school during it! This is outrageous!


j said...

haha yeah i was wondering why your new post was blank white! but anywhoo, yeah old metric is so good. and! sadly, i do not have a dslr...i am too poor...have no monies +_+ HAHA. but that 3d thing sounds awesome! what else what else...i am trying to remember everything in your previous comments...but my memory is....the worst. haha. anywhoo, boy! how exciting! it should make for a fun summer??

sun.ah said...

oh, sister, God is soooo good.. i hope you find true peace in Him... cuz life and people and situations and we can be pretty poopy sometimes. eek.
have you read The Shack yet? if you haven't yet, pick it up! i'm falling in love with God all over, in a really cool way. ^^

yeah you did end up mentioning the boy you silly goose
and now you will be bombarded with questions hahaha
so....... noo goo? un jae?? ee reum? hahaha

Susan Park said...

Blackberry huh? I thought you would get the iPhone...

A boyyyy ??