Saturday, January 24, 2009

Three updates. A blessing. WGSTMT. & A Haiku.

Life is majorly cool.

God makes life so majorly cool.

1. It's almost the end of January and I can say that the first month of 2009 has been exciting! I made the decision last month to apply really really late to one-year college foundation arts programs and I ended up getting into George Brown! So I've been taking some pretty neat classes, meeting some pretty neat people while I'm at it. It's been so fun. I love the difference between going to school now and before. I don't feel any pressure at all with my classes. I think it's because I have a purpose now going to art school, and I know God is in the center of this decision and actually getting in here! I don't know, it's like grades don't matter because I made my own decision to be here sort of thing? I wish I could explain better!

2. I'm moving oh so soon to North York finally with my brother. I feel like we're going to fight a lot but I think we're gonna get closer too. The neat thing about it all is that we're sharing the rent with Joyful Church because the basement is going to be used for our EM office. I have a feeling people are going to be over all the time, every day...every..night. Haha, it's okay though because I think I'm going to learn what it means to be true community.

3. I'm so happy because God is slowly answering prayers! Daniel and Esther (the cutest brother and sister pair i've seen ever) finally decided to step up and join the missions team. I'm excited to see how God is going to lead us and teach us how to be true leaders, and just the things we can bring to the table. So far some ideas that are up in the air are leading seminars on topics like sustainability, HIV/AIDS, homeless people at church, going to do innercity missions in the city of Toronto or maybe the States, volunteering at various nonprofit organizations in Toronto, and going to URBANA 2009 (that one is so not in the air, it WILL happen).

I've been applying like mad to all these jobs because I need to make money for rent. It's been going pretty bad till today! I finally got an interview today! I was so happy I jumped for joy. (harhar).

What God Said To Me Today.
"I understand your heart."
I went to morning prayer today and you know when you are praying but then you end up talking outloud to yourself as if you were God. Okay not that you are God, but as if he was speaking to you through you? Anyways he was saying all these things but then he said these words. And I got really taken aback. You know those words that you needed to hear and when you hear them, that very instant tears come to your eyes? It was like that and it was amazing. I feel so much closer to him. It's like he's telling me to stop trying and to just be.

Haiku Time.

I ate some kimchi.
It was with dduk man doo gook.
I am korean.