Monday, March 30, 2009



So I did get a blackberry!
And I bought a white housing for it that will hopefully soon arrive in the mail!
I'll post pics of it when it's all prettified up.

And yes to Sus' comment, I think an iPhone is more "me" but so many people at church have a blackberry that I ended up getting one. It's like you can count the number of people who don't have one, it's so strange. Almost as if we offer a blackberry to you when you decide to join our membership for our congregation.

I tried so hard to wake up at 6am today to do QT but it was an epic fail. I just got up now so I feel pretty rested! I'll do QT after this post, but ya I'm trying these days this whole 'discipline' thing, I heard it's hard but kind of awesome for your life so I decided to try it out (after a .....6=7 year hiatus of such efforts).

The reason why I slept in was because I slept so late again! Weekends..actually weekdays too are ending up becoming a 'no sleep fest' event on a constant basis. I'm so used to not getting sleep these days that it's not a big deal when I get even 3-4 hours a night. But eventually it catches up on me, and I have to sleep it all out like a bear...I guess it's good that I recover somehow?

The reason I stayed up late was because I was playing Settlers of Catan! Last time I played I won my brother and someone might have been Chris, but ya I failed this time. It was okay though, I'm not really that competitive a lot of the times. I found that when I am competitive, I get really into the point that I disregard the understanding that others have feelings and are people too. So I try not to let the competitive nature overcome me...

On another note, I am currently in the process of binding my own book! It is taking forever but I thought it was a cool project to do for my final assignment (that is apparently worth 70..% of my mark?). It took me hours to put the small holes in the papers and thread it all together with thread...and needle. I'll post up pics once it's accomplished.

And on another note, no no no misunderstandings. There is definitely no boy! Tehe! I'll explain to you guys another day, but truly truly can I say how awesome and amazing it is to be in a relationship with a living God? These days I'm realizing just how crappy I am in inside...not to put a downer upon myself but I just have so much hope. When you are with Jesus, you can't pretend about so many things, especially when you really want to know him. I've been praying for a heart, a pure heart that can see God, and one that is just so so so desperate, hungry, and thirsty to just want Him. To worship Him, to believe in his goodness, to give him all the glory in my life. I want to have that kind of raw passion for God.

I'm learning why I would have my "ups and downs" before in my spiritual walk. It came down to a few things:

1. Lack of QT - from lack of discipline - from lack of truly understanding what justification really means
2. Believing that ones spiritual life is 'good' or is 'bad' according to how ones external circumstances are, and how those affect your mood. Being close to God doesn't mean you have to be happy...having a good week. It can mean you are having a pretty horrible week, but being in a close and loving..and trusting relationship with Him anyway
3. This is kind of like QT, but just daily...continuous diaglogue. Being honest. Knowing this whole "Jesus" thing is for real. We're going to die one day! (Haha that sounds kind of morbid).

Anyways I should go do some of that practicing what I'm preachin, and then do the launders, and then maybe try to contact esther and then and than ....go to class? Tehe!


Susan Park said...

Sleeping it out like a bear.
Yeah, I did my PhD in sleepology. Actually, my paper was on the effects of sleeping with a blanket over your head :D

LISA! Why am I so cheesy lol?!?!

haha...I laugh at my cheesiness.

Anyways, I feel encouraged by your post. I've been waking up just in time to shower and head off to school. No motivation to wake up earlier....but yeah, the idea of starting your day off with God was totally out of mind until I read your post. Yes, I will keep you updated on how that goes for me and keep me updated on you too!

sun.ah said...

i agree with everything in this post~
i feel better... i think i was very tired and upset and just confused yesterday, but today is a new day... and God's grace is so abundant.. mmmmmmm!
YOOOO- lol i love Settlers! Will had this phase where he played it like........ several nights a week with the southcott crew, and i played a few times with them HAHAHA
i'm not that great at it, but whenever i play it, i feel kind of bad, cuz i feel like i'm one of those colonial nations who came and wreaked havoc on the natives in say, latin america... stripping the land of its natural beauty to export its minerals and timber, and such...
but yes thanks for the encouraging comment on my post- i think in generallll i'm having a really REAL time with God these days. I'm not happy 100% of the time, but I'm really trying to engage Him in my thoughts and actions and words... wrestling at times, I suppose.
mmm... the KCF banquet is TOMORROW. i'll be thinking of you and susan and grace..... and missing you... =)
have a blessed day!

meanderingdigression said...

iPhone... you're missing out...

... including the huge monthly fees.