Tuesday, April 29, 2008

i like skin.

For some reason I've been really getting into skincare regimes these days.
This is probably another one of my 'getting into' things that lasts for a bit and then disappears and then returns. I think I vaguely remember using toner when I was 13 but it's a distant and foggy memory.

Tonight I tried out the much talked about 'Aspirin Mask'.
It's basically a facial mask that works as an exfoliate.
After I was done my skin felt so soft and supple, especially around my nose.

There's a few ways you can make it but I made mine out of:


First I wet four non-coated aspirins in a small plate with some water until they bubbled and fizzed. And then I added honey and mixed it around. I just applied the whole thing in my face in circular motions and then waited for 10 minutes and then washed it all off. Then I cleaned my face further with some toner and then applied face lotion, but even before the lotion my face felt so soft!

I've also been buying things from LUSH.
Why have I never realized what an awesome store this place is till now?
First I bought solid shampoos. They lather so well and make my hair feel healthy and really clean! This one is Godiva, I just bought it cause it smelled the best, and I also bought Seanik (no pic).

Today I bought Sweet Japanese Girl, which is an exfoliating facial soap. I haven't tried it yet but I made my mom try it and I think it works well. Just have to use it for a few weeks to truly see the results.

I also invested in some toner. It was kind of expensive but when comparing to toners from other brandnames, it's pretty cheap in comparison. And the bottle is huge! And apparently it's vegan. (I'm not sure...why uh..er.ya). It feels nice on the skin, and doesn't sting at all!

Yes. I'm excited to go to Korea and buy things from 'The Face Shop'. I heard their products are really good and cheap too!

On another note:
I AM GRADUATED!! (wha??)
I am trying to face the reality of it head on but it's been hard in many ways. I was looking at these self-reflection questions from Idealist.org relating to going into the nonprofit field and I realized how little I know about my professional self. I could blame it on my lack of work experience but I feel like I have no excuse! I just want to try out any job at any nonprofit and see who I am from there, but I will have to pray and reflect more on this.

Hopefully Korea won't be a distraction (ha), but more of a help.
A few things I'm looking forward to in Korea are:

- have long talks with my grandpa about life & God
- seeing my grandma
- seeing my cousins! *
- trucking up a mountain to wet my feet in cold mountain water
- buying pretty fob clothes so I can come back as a fob (HAHA)
- the food. the glorious FOOD!!
- milking my ability to speak English in every way possible
- going on a so-gae-teeng. (HAHAHA...*cough* I'm half serious)

* One of my cousins has been termed 'Ultra Jo-Sun-Shi-Dae' (You have to say the Ultra like 'ool-ter-ah') So basically she hates everything girly and frilly (which is what most korean girls like to wear). She's not into kpop, and popular things there. She's very conservative. We send her clothes from here cause apparently it's impossible to find anything without words or lace or pink on it there.

There is this awesome TRUE story of when my cousin was at a bustop in front of this university where her dad (my uncle) teaches at. (She was still in high school at that time). Anyways, she's waiting there and there was this 'kingka' waiting there too. Kingkas are the most popular guys at a school or something like that. Now usually when there are super hot guys, girls pass by them and squeal and giggle and take pictures and do idiotic things like that. But my cousin is Ms. Ultra-Jo-Sun-Shi-Dae so she paid no attention to him. So this guy is like 'what the heck, who is this girl, how can she not pay attention to me?' So he KEPT looking at her and she was getting annoyed but didn't say anything. The good part was that there was this perky girl who had her arm wrapped around the Kingka's arm, and she was getting annoyed ...

why am i telling this story... um anyways.

Yes so she was getting annoyed and when it was time to get on the bus. She said something rude to my cousin like '*scoffs, gosh how much is her wallet, it looks like it was 8,000W' So my cousin said back with equal attitude, 'no actually it was 5,000W' (Kind of saying, eat it). Anyways after that the Kingka guy got SO INTO her and asked her out but she refused, cause she hates guys who don't study and are like him. The stories go on and bottomline is that I am going to enjoy her company.

The end.