Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Me + Timea = Mixed Lisa

So I just completed this "Genetic Splicing" assignment for my Digital Design class...what.."fun" hahaha, but I thought it was just so funny how the picture turned out. Here it is!

HAHAHA, so that is what I would look like if I was half white...or something?

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j said...

haha thats so cool! how do you do it? is there a program? or did you just photoshop and camoflauge bits and bits? also, your 10things video keeps freezing halfway through! i dont know why =P. i thought it was my computer being a butt, so then i tried to watch it when i was at school too, but it still dot dot. very interesting for the first half though! we have the same type of long-time-to-open water bottle! haha.