Tuesday, March 11, 2008

old gold.

My last assignment for my 'Health Issues in Aging' class requires me to find an old person and ask them many questions about whether our city is an 'Age-Friendly City' according to WHO guidelines.


I don't want to ask a random old person questions! I don't! I don't! I just want to leave them alone in peace! Although I secretly have this stereotype that old people just love to talk for hours and hours with no end. I hope that stereotype becomes alive today. *crosses fingers*

So I'm still trying to figure out what I think about 'Slum Tourism'. I kind of want to take part in it, but my teacher thinks the ideology behind it may not be right. Because I suppose it's true, can we really apprehend the hopelessness and true despair of being homeless and poor from just living it within a week? Knowing that you only have to 'buh-tyuh' it for one week because you have a warm bed to go to at the end of it all. I never realized all these issues with homelessness before.

Affordable housing! Affordable housing! Affordable housing!

my future is at stake. I hate this graduation process and love it at the same time.

1. Get the internship and be abroad for 6 months
2. Don't get the internship and find a crummy job till I can apply to grad school.
3. Go to New Zealand to run away from my fear of not knowing what to do
4. Three year long-term mission living with the poorest of the poor in Asia
5. Find a man, marry him, live at home and have 12 babies.

I'm praying hard for this one.
To trust in God.
To just enjoy being with him.
To rely on him and not to worry about it all.
I know that everything is going to be okay!

On another note of life,
so last night I told him 'No'.
And after I went and flopped on Grace's bed and passively vented about it.
I think I did what I need for myself, the best for myself.
But a definite part of me wishes that I could've given it a try.
But I'm just placing all my trust in God with my heart.
If he we're meant to date later then it will happen!
But for now I'm going to believe that God has someone who can spiritually lead me and I'm really relying on that now.
God is faithful! And God always fulfills his promises!

Time to find an old person now...