Friday, March 20, 2009

Familiar Blue Glow In the Sky That I Hate

A.K.A. an allnighter.

For some reason, I have not the ability to start an assignment at least ...two-three days before it's due. It's like innately against my nature or something and I must stop it somehow!

I have a texture assignment due "today" and I feel like I won't make it to my colour class in order to get it done (yes!!!...ha ha...i don't like that teacher somehow manages to wear a see-through shirt so all the world can see just exactly where her nipples are, more than once. so not pleasant to see).

My unfinished almonds that I've been working on forever.

Two more textures to draw: bubble wrap and aluminum foil. Oh dear gosh.

I'm going to volunteer at our church's upcoming basketball tournament this Saturday. I wonder just how much help I will be...


sun.ah said...

those amandes look delicious

Anonymous said...

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