Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Art thou work

Proverbs 16:1 says:
We can gather our thoughts, but the Lord gives the right answer. (NLT)

I read that today and realized that I've been trying to find answers and solutions with my own thoughts and abilities.

He calls out to us to just let go. Especially for women, it may be hard. At least it is for me a lot of the times. To just let go, and be lead by him. What does it really mean to let go and be lead, not having to control and lead your own life, but to be lead and to follow. With a gentle and quiet, trusting heart. (I know my sentence structure is quite bad today...oh well hehe).

I'm getting a cold, so I have locked myself in my house, only to do hw, drink lots of liquids, and rest as much as I can.

Here's some stuff I did past couple of weeks. Most of the things I complete are done within the 12 hours before that it is due. I have to step up my game and get some TIME management, dangggg!

This is an assignment I had to do about value or something...yes maybe I should pay more attention haha. My teacher is a softie, so he definitely liked the mini penguins. I mean baby penguins. Used gouache for the left, and sharpie for the right.

We had to draw a pic using different colour schemes in each box (like monochromatic, complementary...etc). Here's my image of an old woman and a fish head. The day before it was due, I realized I didn't have an image to draw so I went to chapters, and found the first thing that I could think of being possible to do within 12 hours. Almost didn't make it in time! Used prismacolour markers.

And this is something I'm currently working on right now. We have to make a book of some sorts to present the different design elements. I decided to take on the challenging task of binding my own book. You can see in the first pic how I am threading the pages together! It look so long T_T. It's almost done, I have to put the pictures in and draw some stuff and write some stuff..ya I should get on that..tehe.

Also today I decided that I was going to go to this workshop called 'LEAD' that Onnuri All Nations Church is hosting. Ashley, Jo? Anybody who is reading this? If you guys want to go, go! It's free to go...Ok for some reason I feel like I am typing weird cause I just saw a documentary on Bruce Lee. And after hearing him talk, it makes me want to talk like him. He was so musheetsuh and ninja.

Anyways this is the poster for it!


j said...

very nice drawings! i like how you use pools of colour to show "value" haha (for both the penguins and the fish lady). it is very smooth...or poool-y? i cannot explain in typed-words. i enjoy the penguins in gouache muchly.
the book binding sounds so cool! what kind of book are you making? and are all the pages found pieces of paper? or did you purchase them at a cute store of sorts haha.

eunzi kim said...

oooh!! lisa!! ur book looks SOOO GOOD!!!!
i'm going to have to ask you to make me one. or teach me. or something. i'd totally buy one!!!
u art talented indeed!!!

i'm so excited to sleep over! i don't know why i'm up. i should be doing work, but i'm so brain dead, and i should sleep, but i have to be up early to work on school stuff, and if i sleep i won't wake up until autumn comes around... so i'm screwed!! NO SLEEP O_O

sarah the baker yoon said...

hi lisa!
i didn't know you were artsy fartsy!

i had to bind a book for my book design class too. lots of fun. :) I have a few more to make for my other projects!

enjoyed the blog!!

sun.ah said...

excuse me, miss...
you are so amazing!
i feel like this art class fits your spirit so well... i hope you're enjoying yourself muchly-
and... hey, i guess if you've survived this long with the procrastination... embrace it?
lolll people work best in different ways~
but yes. i am so awed but your artwork, the penguins were so cute!

Lindsay said...

your artwork is sooooo beautiful!!!!
what school do you go to?