Friday, June 26, 2009

Oh the joy!

I met up with Karan and Matthew today to venture off for some adventures in dt. We ended up doing a lot of artsy fartsy stuff (how cliche of us art students to do...). First thing was The Power Plant gallery. I laughed so hard while we were there. A lot of contemporary art these days can be really confusing. You can take it in one way or the other but it only really does seem to make sense (or sometimes not even) after you read the little artist blurb about the piece on the side. Video art installations were set up in these little rooms and when first walking in, it can be a little terrifying. The darkness. The random videos of people doing repetitive motions. A huge glowing globe in the middle of a pitch black room. Karan was actually scared to go in, I thought it was so cute.

I thought it was equally funny when he asked this question in all seriousness, "Wait so question, does Jesus want people to be straight?" Hopefully my answer was sufficient enough, sometimes things can get a little complex explaining 'Christian ideas' to non-Christians but I think the more one tries to go about it, the easier it is.

This verse comes to mind
"But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,"
1 Peter 3:15

We went to The Distillery District after. I LOVE this place. It was surprisingly my first time visiting there and I must venture there once again. It's such a romantic and lovely place to be in. I especially loved the cobblestones, and random wedded couple taking pictures. *girly sigh*. We went to a place called, "SOMA". It is a chocolate haven of amazingness galore. My friend recommended trying the 'Mayan Hot Chocolate' and it was amazing. The cool thing about it was how it was SPICY. Just like the hot chocolate in 'Chocolat'. *super cool thumbs up*.

Afterwards I was seemingly able to convince Karan and Matthew to buy sketchbooks and begin the practice of sketchboooking with me. (I feel so alone when I'm with them in my ventures with this 'art practice'). They agreed!! So we went to AboveGround and bought some supplies. I love that place. I also love how I finally bought a mini pocket watercolour set. It is SO CUTE! I also bought a Letraset=Tria water pen brush thing! You fill the pen with water so you don't need to bring water with you on outings.

Here's a pic

I really have to stop buying things. Especially since I have no money like all the time. If I'm to buy anything next (like a worthy purchase of some sorts), I think I would like to invest in a softball glove. I feel bad having to borrow Carmen's glove every time we have practice or games. I can't believe I actually think softball is fun. I originally just started cause I wanted to have more fellowship but seriously thumbs up to you Mr. Softball on your fun factor.

Tomorrow is volunteering at YSM day. Haven't volunteered in so so long. I should start up again. MmHm.


Caroline said...

take me on an artsy fartsy adventure!! it sounds like sooo much fun! you know, i've never been to an art gallery before :O

as for YSM, it's sooo awesome there! I hope you have a great time!! can't wait for the stories :)

linsters said...


post more!! haha
i love that your artsy!

make me something cool : )

wish you were here in korea!!!