Saturday, June 13, 2009

Journal Frenzy

Drawing of all the journals I am currently using. It's madness.

Being in art stores is like being in chapters for me except worse. I want to buy everything but I am limited by how much my wallet every day. I slipped today and bought a new journal/sketchbook when I really don't need one at all! ("But the paper is so thick and wonderful" the evil Lisa says).

Should I return it? It cost me like...18 dollars. *eep*

And Oh lordy, I smell french fries and bbq outside. I am jealous extreme! I am stuck home today doing my projects due next week. Turned down the beach, going to the golf range, and playing tennis/chilling with Joyful girls for this STUPIDNESS!! Okay it's not quite stupid but I is sad. :(


laura said...

hi lisa :) im sorry for being a creep but i thought it was time to let you know, i secretly follow your blogs... hee-hee-hee! :D i love it! keep the notebook! you'll use it.

Lisa said...

hahaha you are the LAST person i would think of as a creep laura!!! hahaha thanks, i think i will keep it..the paper is so nice!!