Saturday, August 8, 2009

thanks Christine

So Christine just asked me if I had a blog and then I realized that I hadn't updated my blog for 2 months. This is for you...hahaha.

This will be short and sweet.

This was my last project that I did last semester. It has the Greek letters alpha and omega repeated over and over in india ink. It was my dedication to God for just him letting me be in this art program. A few days ago I had to take this photo because of my portfolio, and looking at it now makes me realize a few things. How I lack a kindness, a warmness towards my father in heaven. Sigh, knock knock on lisa's cold rock heart, let's get warm again. Back to Brampton or not?

Btw, I really want to go on a retreat. Should I crash Onnuri's?? Puhaha


Caroline said...

ha ha... yes! COME CRASH :)

eunzi kim said...

oh.. wow. i love this. it's really beautiful!

eunzi kim said...

ps: back to brampton.

James said...

come lisa! where have you been btw? i haven't seen you on msn lately, not that i msg you anyways.

sun.ah said...

or or or come to OURS!
its next week after camping...
think about it.