Monday, June 1, 2009

B&D Fast.

Breakfast & Dessert Fast.

Just kidding.

So it's June 1st!
And I've been contemplating why my life is kinda dry and stuff these days.
I realized yesterday that I have not been taking any meaningful steps to reach out my hands to God, I have been placing limits. SO, ya yesterday Pastor Young's sermon was about substance abuse and things like that. I felt compelled to go on a fast.

So here is to 30 days of no boys and drink.
A.k.A. guys & alcohol. I know some of you are thinking 'lisa has no guys...she is really digging the well deep into truly becoming a cat lady'. Yes it is true, however I know what I need in my life right now, and part of me is thinking to stop this nonsense but I know what I least the wise Lisa in me does.

And not that I'm an alcoholic but I have been drinking more often. And it's not like I'm a drunkard but I just don't feel like it improves the state of my life at all. So here's my love fast to God~ I want you to be number one again.

*somebody please keep me accountable. thanks.

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