Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the rittle things.

The other night I was riding the subway and I was playing scramble with my itouch.
This game has haunted to the point of addiction (but that's another story).
I looked up now and then and noticed an old Indian man (I am just assuming he was indian, maybe he was Trinidadian and I'm just being racist right now but anyway), who kept looking at me and was writing something on his pad of paper.

Usually this would piss me off because I don't like weird "starers" especially if they're old but for some reason it didn't bother me.
So it got to my stop and as I was getting off, the old man handed me a piece of paper and he had SKETCHED ME. Regardless I looked like a forty year old with skin problems but I was SO SO pleased! I've always dreamed for that to come true and it actually happened!! I couldn't stop beaming with smiles all the way to the coffee shop I went to!

It makes me think, how the 'rittle things' that strangers do for one another really can brighten up ones day (or night)! i think I might start doing little things like that too just cause I feel so blessed!


Caroline said...

#1: how amazing :) it's like straight out of a movie... too bad he was an old man and not some hot young artist huh?

#2: how long were you on the subway for? or... how quick did he sketch that?

wordSunspoken said...


Ashley said...

oh, how SWEET!!!

laura said...

thats too cool. sorta creepy... but more cool. HAHA

I think God speaks to us in such mysterious ways! it is like He was speaking to you lisa. see, youre an artist. He is an artist. that old indian man is an artist.

NEAT-O burrit-O (y)

julieeee said...

!!!! so cool !
look at you focussed on that ipod of yours in that sketch LOL