Tuesday, February 2, 2010

hard decisions


sometimes you have to make hard decisions.
hard decisions so that you can make the best of your life.
decisions that God lets you choose to go one way or the other.
decisions that take that extra muscle in your character that is more difficult to use than the others.

even if people around you disagree with you.
even if your own heart disagrees with you.
but that one tic toc inside says mmhmm. "i'm here with you".

2. tick

3, 4.


sun.ah said...

Thank God for the Holy Spirit and the "mmhmm"s!

Stand strong in Truth! I'm praying for you tonighttt~ as vague as this post was, I'll pray that God read your heart and minister to you/strengthen you in the way you need at this moment.

love love love.

Caroline said...

i too shall pray for you chingoo~

saranghae :)