Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Under blankies. Want hot cocoa.

How has it been three months since my last post. That is insane.

I'm still struggling and reflecting on what it means to become a new wineskin. In this past week I've been seeking to have a more honest perception of my weaknesses, yet it's been difficult. When we fall in a deep pit, we come out of it depending on something. It's that something that we rely on for our self-worth, and I'm beginning to wonder if mine was really God. Yes in a greater sense it was but I'm coming to a place where it needs to go deeper than that.

New wineskin. A new way of thinking. A shifting of perspective. I think I need to be more proactive than reactive to everything that occurs around me. Once again it's hard because I tend to suck at life things in general but that's okay because Jesus doesn't and he's in me. :)

On another note, I haven't really told a lot of people but I think I'm going to stay. I still feel so hesitant saying it and I think it's because I don't want to be disappointed in the future again. This is my 7th church and I'm really hoping it'll be the 'last' but God calls us when we need to go. As long as I'm being obedient to Him in this moment then I'm at peace within myself.

I just realized my energy level is like 1.5/10 right now. Probably due to the fact that I was awoken from my peaceful slumber by visitors who are seeing the house. They didn't really end up coming upstairs when I said hi. I wonder if my face really looks that scary in the morning. So sad. Peaceful slumber was peaceful because I was exhausted from yesterday being awake from 6am-5am. It's something that I'll cherish being able to do while I'm young. I did see 7 shooting stars though and I feel so blessed!

Anyways I hate posting without a picture...even if it's not my picture.

Here is a picture a I like (even though it has nothing to do with my post)


wordSunspoken said...

haha lisa =)

you're right about trusting God with it all. Let his hand guide you. Don't be a worry wart...cuz warts are gross.

being proactives easy too! when things that matter come up, just think a little more ahead. play some what ifs in your head. one thing you might consider is WHAT IF kevin ate a lot of eggs on sunday for breakfast the decided it'd be funny to fart on lisa.

Caroline said...

kevin has a point... a really gross point, but he does have a point!

ps: kev, did you eat a lot of eggs yesterday, considering you farted SO MUCH under our shared blanket >.<

sun.ah said...


aimes said...

oh man oh man, i know how it feels to jump from church to church and to face that disappointment when you're forced to leave by certain circumstances.. if you're staying, then i'll be looking forward to seeing you every week :) anyhoooo, i just read from mark about wineskins the other day.. i dunno, for me it's hard to grasp the meaning behind it, but i think i'm slowly starting to understand it more.. it's kinda funny how we can find new meaning in the same old verses that we read from time to time.
as God's children, we're called to wait upon him and to obey.. so continue doing what you're doing! stay strong~~

wordSunspoken said...

Lemme just say this...there is logic to be found in every crazy statement I blurt out. Sometimes even a deeper meaning.

Anonymous said...

hi lisa