Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Challenge or two

I used to resent it when people would tell me that I "think too much". The best comeback I would have for those people would be, "Screw you! YOU think too much!" I think I realized it was the blatant truth yesterday. I think way too much. And thinking without action results in either bitterness, apathy, or unpainted dreams. Maybe thinking too much isn't the issue but rather your character, your perspective IN those thoughts.

My second semester of school has thus begun! HURRAH! I'm actually pretty excited about it inside but I don't like to openly show my happiness, especially to other students in my class. I don't want to be labeled as the 'geeky asian girl who actually enjoys school." (Even though it is really really true!).

One of the coming up projects involves making a functional 3D model that is either:

a) a musical instrument
b) a toy for a child
c) an object that improves/benefits society.

I decided to go with option [C]. My idea that is floating around in my head is a kit called "The Ultimate Life Guide for the Socially Awkward". It will involve LED lights, so I'm going to ATTEMPT to try to make some sort of contraption with a programmed light sequence in it as well. I realized yesterday that this involves physics, so I blurted out "FML" and just said "ok let's go with this challenge".

Today my co-student friend challenged me to a challenge. We are to draw a life-drawing every single day for two weeks, or we have to pay each other a quarter for each failed day. I think it'll be a good challenge for me to take on. I fail at drawing and I really want to improve, even though it may mean me becoming the creepy sketching lady on the subway. Aigoooo.

New Korean drama = amazing happiness of life.

A lot of people need prayer these days, I want to become strong so I can pray for my friends. Community community community. Ok no longer can concentrate cause Chris and Wayne are in my room talking about life.

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