Saturday, May 16, 2009

What you're really doing...

I wrote a blog entry on the subway a few days ago:

Today on the subway I looked at one of those United Way posters that have been here and there. I think they're cool and gross at the same time. This one however caught my eye for different reasons.

It was of a guy that was coming out of a "human suit" of someone who worked in a kitchen. The "new guy" was wearing what it looked like dental assistant wear or something. I thought this was really weird because I wondered how those who really do work in kitchens (& enjoy it) feel when they view this picture. "What you're really giving is a way out". What if they don't want out? The other posters...can it be applied to them as well? It really makes me question the differences we place on ourselves versus others. And it makes me want to think more about this "great" voice we speak on others' behalf as their advocates. Do we as advocates on the "other side" really give freedom to those who have no voice to move & change? How much of this change do we control in theory as well as in practice? Can we speak on peoples behalf on a personal level? In other words, do we even know these people who we speak for as friends, as family? I know I don't for the most part. This is why the voice of one in active community is stronger than an outsider with knowledge. Knowledge vs. knowing.


On another note, I just came back from watching Star Trek. It was freaking amazing! I want to watch it again! And yes when I got home I did practice my 'Live long and prosper" hand sign. I loved Spock in it, a.k.a. Syler hahaha. Okay I'm officially dead beat.

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