Friday, April 30, 2010


I farted REALLY loud before I shot this video...I hope other people in other balconies didn't hear me. so emBARassing.


xtine said...

haha ur video was so cute :) i'll pray for your throat-thingy! and i hope you have a really good trip..both orlando and africa :)

julieeee said...

so jealous that you and your bro are at orlando!!!

Caroline said...

u have no shame.
the end.

i love you. i'm counting down the days love!

wordSunspoken said...

yo, youre special. I can't post on anyones comments but yours. wtf?

anyway, cute video. like + 5

anyway, farting REALLY loud. like -8 (turned sideways).

so you're at -8(turned sideways)+5
essentially -8(turned sideways)

Susan Park said...

Hey Lisa!
I hope everything is going well over there and hope to see you when you get back.
I hope and pray that God will be glorified in everything you do over in Africa.
I'll try to post a vid. update's been so long since I've one too! lol. Love you.

Ashley Sun-Ah Kim said...

I only JUST watched this video! :)
Its so good to see your face.. even if its a digitized Lisaface.
I shall also try to upload a video
............... .... ..
You've been especially present in my thoughts lately- how are things going over in korealand?
Can't wait to see you next year, or whenever we are in the same country/continent again.
Love you.