Saturday, April 10, 2010


Wow I have not prayed this much in one week since I got SAVED.

Every day it gets 0.01% easier.
Owning up to my own sin and mistakes.
Means being humbled but lifted up with God's pure and overwhelming love.
Constant prayer means constant peace.
Subdued pain made real with honesty of the heart!

Talking to each of my friends about the same issue makes me warmed.
Because each person responds differently in their own way.
But each way is in love and for that I am grateful and thankful.
SO thankful for anybody who has prayed for me once this week.

My eyes are focused on how one day I will be in heaven.
And my tears will be wiped away.
My focus is trying to realize that the kingdom is coming
And I need to wake up!
My realization is that God never left me.
He knows me. He loves me. He understands me.

I gave myself one week to be super sad, skipping all my classes or whatnot.
But joy comes with the morning.
And there's no wasting time feeling ones own pain
when theres so many other people in pain & dying around me, in this world.
He's got this.

Like my unnie friend said, "God knows what he is doing :)"

I remember finding this picture online on a forum somewhere.

I want to read my Bible so much that it's in THIS state!


julieeee said...

aw lisa ! this blog post just made me take a moment to pray!

wordSunspoken said...

=) tough love baby, you gotta know it
haha btw, the verification word to post this message is "desin"