Sunday, February 8, 2009

I haven't had a week this tough for so long.
I learned in the past week, parts of myself, my family, and ultimately of God that I had not known before. But it was so hard. I don't want to get too much into it but yea.

On another note I just realized I have a paranoia with journals and notebooks.
I love having new journals but I hate not finishing them yet I am lazy.
I also tend to start new beautiful notebooks and journals for so many specific things.

Here is the list I just made:

1. Small black moleskine-like notebook for Bible study notes & Sunday sermons
2. Ehwa Notebook for Prayer Requests and Answered Prayers matched side by side (including the dates they were prayed for and answered...just started this)
3. Grey Notebook for thoughts
4. Memory Pad for Korean Vocabulary
5. Yellow Drawing Pad for drawings that I can easily slip the paper out of
6. Diary Planner thing that I do not use consistently on a day to day basis. I used a paper planner for 7 years until I got to university and suddenly the system didn't work for me. I use the computer or just write down to do lists. Yet I am in complete denial and still try to do it
7. Actual black moleskine for Bible verses to memorize & important lines/Christian sayings (which I can't find at the moment)
8. ..."Online blogs"
9. Other random notebooks that I started for "thoughts" because I couldn't find my grey one at the time.

I have this massive feeling of guilt right now. I want to like put all of those things together into ONE BIG NOTEBOOK but I feel like people would look at it and in turn read my embarassing and "heartfelt" thoughts while they laugh at me. Somebody tell me what to do. Do I finish all of these and then embark on my 'ONE BIG NOTEBOOK' plan?

BTW. My trypophobia is starting to really get to me more and more. I don't want this ...this..disease!!!

I also feel guilty that I never post pictures anymore. I am lazy major.


intentionallyblanked said...

hahaha lisa!!~~~ (this is jun's new blog, but it's angela that's writing right now. hahahaha~)
i have like a million journals too!! i can't help it! i also have the same problem of being unable to finish one faithfully! so terrible... i keep buying these really really cute ones... but i think i just love collecting them too. and i look back... and see how hard i tried to be all neat and cute... then it gets messier and messier. hahahaha~~~
here's my list!!!
-paper agenda... (paper system is still the best for me!)
-church journal (notes from sermons 201, and my prayers)
-jun journal - to give to each other much later
-jun shared journal - kinda like.. writing letters to each other we exchange weekly
-sketchbook for cafe drawing
-sketchbook for ideas and doodles
-sketchbook for paintings in watercolor...

annd i used to have another personal journal... but.. i'm mixing it... and i had a journal for like... story ideas and stuff.. but again.. i merged it. hahaha too many to carry!! T T

i wish i could merge it all into one big one too..b ut that would be HEAVY!!! :(

Anonymous said...

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