Thursday, March 1, 2007

And this is me...

If you are my friend, you will come to know that I have pocahonatas sleeping bag/blanket that I must/love to stroke ever since my mother (mother? who uses mother these days?) threw out my baby pink blanket.
I really like smoked salmon
I have always loved reading about food in novels. Like when the author describes the melted cheese on bread and fresh goat milk in Heidi.
I cut my toenails when they become so long that it comes to the point where it is uncomfortable to sleep
Speaking of sleep, I must pee right before I sleep. If I pee and lie awake for 20 minutes, I must go pee again if I feel I am on the urge of sleepage.
I eat when I'm bored or when I have a lot of thoughts on my mind.
When I read, I read 8-10 books at a time.
I think I secretly think I'm smart.
I also secretly want to be a yuppie.
When I was little, I wanted to be my brother. Or to be like my brother. That is why I have fond memories of the WWF.
I like cozy things.
I also only like winter for the first few days and then I don't like it anymore.
When I sleep I need to have something in between my arms and my body. I also prefer it if I am holding something in my hand. I also don't like it when my arm hangs off my bed.
I don't like things that are popular even though I secretly like them.
When I was little, my aunt bought me a doll-making kit for Christmas. I started it with my grandma but never finished it. It haunts me to this day and therefore I will have to make a doll before I die or I might go crazy.
I admire Audrey Hepburn to a great extent because she is the epitome of lovely.
I have a complex because I want to be this person I made up in my head but I'm not so I end up not liking myself. But then some days I realize that God made me a certain way so I like myself. But then I start not liking myself. And this is my tiring cycle.
Ever since I was little, I have been into visual art.
I love making things.
I really like sour candies.
My favourite icecreams are cookie dough, mint chocolate, superkid from laura secord, and coffee from haigen daiz
I like making lists, looking at them, not completing them, throwing them away, and then making new lists.
I am incredibly spoiled but will deny it to everyone.
I am often rash but I am also improving in this area. I think.
I like reading classics. I am not sure if it's because the material is enlightening, because that's all I've ever read and therefore don't know if I would like non-classics, or because it sounds pretty 'up there' to say "i like reading classics".
My favourite pizza is just mushrooms and lots of tomato sauce.
My favourite cartoons when I was little was Sailor Moon, Daria, Simpsons, Xmen, and Captain Planet. But it's weird because I always seemed to miss Captain Planet when it was on. Maybe I liked it because it was rare to see.
My favourite school snack when I was little were blue gushers. I think.

And this is me...for now.