Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Scrumptious blog.

I have finally found the time to update!
How happy am I!

So here is a video.

And here is me and my promised analysis of how guys sometimes fail at relational issues or rather guys in lisa's life issues.

So yes it's been a long time (for some reason ever since I read this sentence outloud, I hear that Aaliyah song..um anyways), that I've liked a guy or have been 'involved' with a guy. So with this fresh objective perspective back into my life of meaningless boy-relations, I have targeted a BOY WITH ISSUES #1. So here we go!


This type of boy/man believes that he is the sheezybreezy. As in he thinks he is the best kind of boyfriend or guy to like ever. He may not express this verbally but when you reject him in the face, he displays facial expressions of disbelief. These expressions read as 'how could you reject me? i am the sheezybreezy'. This type of boy/man has a lot of pride in himself, so if you hurt his pride, he will pretend one of the following things:
1. he never really did like you in the first place
2. you are not the kind of girl he thought you were
3. you are a female dog
4. you must be further ignored because he does not have the abilities to be friends with a girl who does not also think he is the sheezybreezy.
Don't worry though. Eventually this kind of boy/man realizes that he is not the sheezybreezy and you can be friends again. Or he may end up finding a girlfriend who will succumb to his beliefs that he really IS the sheezymabreezy. But hey who knows, maybe to her he is! The end.

***disclaimer: i am not actually bitter about these types of guys or any guys i've "been with", i think they're all great in their own ways, i'm just mean. that's all. mean but not bitter. i hope that makes sense. i have to go make cookies now.


Anonymous said...

OMG. i loved it when the books fell... HAHAHA

Lindsay said...

you have a blog too!!
i loved your video!!!
why is your face so skinny and cute! hehee
can you recommend some books to me too??? i want to read....
read books...
about stufff....

ji said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! this was amazing lisa.

jo said...

hahaha, what exactly is a 'sheezybreezy'?? it sounds like a mild yet quite refreshing facewash...or mouthwash....sheezybreezy beautiful covergirl.

mistersinister said...
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