Saturday, May 24, 2008

My feet hurt.

Okay for some odd reason every time I go to another country I end up walking like there was a war and all the cars stopped working which requires me to walk across the countryside to find water and food because aliens have taken over and there is nobody left on the planet...okay maybe I'm still tired..0_0

But ANYWAYS yes my feet hurt!!!
I'm proud though! I took the subway all by myself yesterday (haha I sound like a 5 year old).

Yesterday I went around to random places in Seoul with a fellow teacher of mine named Mina. I took the following picture (that's her in it) because I was amazed at the subway station. We were walking underground and I asked her where the subway was and she looked at me confused and pointed right beside where we were standing. And then I realized over the past 5 years they had installed these cool clear glass WALLS that open when the subway arrives! TOO COOL! Except apparently they put them there to prevent suicide jumpers. Hm.

And then at night I met up with Jason.
We went to this Sam-gyub-sal place and ordered some meat. And then when the meat came out, Jason's like 'Oh I don't eat pork'. *WHAT?* So I had to finish (almost finish) the whole thing by myself. I was so full (but secretly really satisfied too)

More meat.

Anyways it's Sunday! So we're going to church soon. It's a church called Jubilee and I've heard some really good things about it. The sermons are all in English so that's a big relief! I know that God has something in store for me, even in Korea. I still miss everyone back home though!


sun.ah said...

...i don't think 5 year olds could take the subway on their own. you're doing much better than a 5 yr old! HAHA
and wha~?
jason doesnt eat pork? HAHAHAA
that must confuse some of his korean guy friends there-

that is SO COOL about the subway~!!!!! i didnt hear that they changed it and im pretty blown away by it too-
yo invest in some good shoes... korea in general i feel requires more walking than north america because of the subway... dont get any skinnier though okay =|

jo said...

AHH YOU HAVE ARRIVED! My sister (Hannah) goes to Jubilee, and she is still in korea...perhaps you will see her!

sun.ah said...

updates please!