Friday, May 23, 2008

Gimpo. Bimpo.


I'm here finally. The big motherland Korea!

I have yet to find an adapter so I have to make this entry pretty short because my battery is going to die soon...T_T

Tonight is the end of my second day here but I feel like it's been a week. It's only about 10pm right now but I'm dead tired. My dreams for a normal sleeping pattern has finally come true!

Anyways here are some pictures & writing...

This is a cool picture I took outside the plane window. I just it looked so sick how the moon was reflecting off of the plane, I felt like I was a bird or an alien spaceship. Okay so I'm more than dead tired, so a lot of what I say may not make sense. Oh well!

This is a picture of my halmuhnee (grandma) and myself. I visited her yesterday with my grandpa. When I came, my grandpa asked her whether she recognized me. 'Molla-yoh?' And she kept staring at me and then she made a face of angst and said 'Moh-re-get-suh', which means 'I don't know!' It's hard for her to talk and have facial expressions. I think something messed up her nervous system when she collapsed a year and a half ago from hypoglycemic issues. Anyways after a bit my grandpa said in Korena, 'It's Lisa! Lisa don't you remember?' And then my grandma made another face of angst and cried out 'Ee gae Lisa yah!' (this is lisa!!) as if she was in pain that she didn't recognize me at first. It was really heartbreaking for me but I kept it all inside and wore a smile for her. For some odd reason I felt like the things I learned in my Health Science class about aging people really helped me to be more understanding of the issue. Although my grandma has lost some functions I still know she's the same person inside. I love her and I hope I can visit her again~

This is my grandpa saying bye to my grandma.

This my aunt and one of my little cousins! She's so cute and I'm thankful that my aunt taught her English so we could converse in English. She has this huge drawing pad that she showed me and it's so creative! She makes up characters and it's kind of like the notebook that Rachel has and what she draws in her notepad (Rachel if you are reading this...tehe). Anyways really sweet kid. Oh! She's the younger sister of the cousin I talked about in my previous entry!

Okay that's it for now.
I am so exhausted. I'm sharing a room with Carol and her friend Mina. I'll take pics another time.
I'm kind of scared but I really want to venture off on my own tomorrow but like i said I'm scared. Haha..ha. *sigh*.
But I really need a watch. But yea Sharon and her cousin Esther are right beside us so it's pretty nice.
Training starts Monday! Apparently the Princeton Review hired 60 summer teachers which sounds absolutely mad. I wonder how they admin all that.

Well till another time when I have stories!


sun.ah said...

you're there!!!
dude.. your thoughts on your 할머니 made me think of my grandparents... getting older must be difficult, for the person who's memory is fading, and maybe even more so for their spouse... aigoo, i hope she's comfortable and keep updating on how she's doing =)
thats so cool you're there with carol and sharon... where are you staying? do you guys get trained somewhere and then get shipped off to various cities? where are you going to be teaching? lol
scope out some sweet restaurants and stuff so i can have a reference for when i go next year..

sun.ah said...

...where are you??