Monday, February 26, 2007

One of those "I'm Alone" times

These times come to me now and then.
With everything "going for me" in my life, suddenly it all stops and nothing seems to matter anymore.

My emotions, my thoughts, everything that I go through.
I don't want to share them with anybody because they won't care as much as I want them too.
It's so stupid, but I always do stupid things.

He always seems to let me stay in these kinds of moments just as much as I need to.
Then I brush myself off and go at life again.
It's as if I am playing hide and seek by myself and I have hid in a closet.
But then dinner time comes along and my mom is calling out my name, so I have to open the closet door and step into the light. (haha so cheesy).

It's good. I'll let myself wallow and think this one out.